Enjoying Your Dreams




Ever since we were young, we had dreams. Always being ask what we wanted to be when we grow up. Some of us wanted to be the President of the United States of America, others wanted to become a teacher, doctor, cop, etc. Now here we are and today the question is, did you reach your dreams yet or still going? If you reached your dream is it what you were hoping for?

As we grow up our dreams change rapidly until we end high school and go on with our lives. Some of us choose to continue our education, where others decided to join the work force earlier. Either way, what you wanted to do probably changed quickly as you grew past high school.

Now here we are a few years after the college people earned their degrees and working in their field. The question now being asked is, does the dream live up to the reality? Is the job amazing? Are you still working towards a bigger and better dream?

The thing is, that you will always have bigger and better dreams. Even when you reach one and achieve the ones you wanted your whole life. It’s great to dream and work towards them. A dream is something to work for and you should take them seriously.

One big thing I will point out is don’t get upset about the pay. If you are doing something you love and it’s amazing, then there is no need to get upset or bent over shape because your pay isn’t giant gobs of money.

Do what you love and you will never work a day again in your life. Money should be the small part of your dream. The big part should be doing what you love and living it to the fullest. The money will come in the end.

Enjoy the dreams in this Savage World; that you are no longer living in, but beginning to own!


About J F Savage
James Savage is a young business owner in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. In 2006, James earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. Two days after he graduated, James moved down to Lexington, KY as a business partner for Savage Syndications. Here we are years later and James is becoming a force in the business world. He is now CFO and partner of the company. Not many can do what he can do with list building and client relations. Also James was married to college sweet heart Alyssa in August 2008. The happy couple is working hard on making the house perfect and making sure the two puppies are always happy.

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