Small Business Joys and Pains


The true Growth


Small business, a term that basically shaped the form of the world. Even your giant corporations all had to start somewhere and more than likely that was at the bottom. For example, look at Wal-mart, it started in Rogers, AK in 1962 as a local store and not even incorporated until 1969. Love it or hate it, Wal-mart is one of the biggest stores in the world.

People like Sam Walton took his dream and built it from the ground up. There are millions like Mr. Walton, who start off with an idea and took that faithful leap to build a new business. What you don’t normally see or hear about is the amount of failures and troubles it took to build that business.

Starting and managing a business is harder than you can grasp, unless you have truly done it yourself. Many people need that steady paycheck, a person to guide them, etc. to run a normal a life. Where a business owner doesn’t have that steady paycheck, not much guidance, etc.

The joy of a business owner is the fact you are the boss!  You truly hold your destiny in your own hand. If you fail you have no one to blame but yourself, even if you have ten employees.  In essence you write your own check and if you want to support your family, you need to do it yourself.

Yes, being a business owner can be very scary. Sometimes clients pay late or don’t have enough coming into support all your cost. When you don’t have that cash, you need to pay the employees and then the bills first with you getting paid last.

There isn’t a real guideline to build your own business. Is there advice, always! Advice is free to anyone who will listen. Though you have to walk this road alone a lot. Most of your friends have a job, steady check, get to go on mass vacations and go out late partying.  As a business owner you really have to buckle down and work late hours to get the check in. Vacations are nice and you can get them, but taking to many could hurt the business and drive it way behind. Even getting sick has a chance to get you behind.

Watching your friends sometime is probably the hardest thing. They don’t know the fear that you go through on a daily basis. They don’t need to warning if the client is going to pay, if your checks are going to be ready on time, and of course setting up all the company taxes, insurances, and benefits.  Though, your friends do have to worry about losing their job and yes that is a legit fear that everyone has in this economy.

Just remember that if you decide to run your business. Your fears will be greater, harder, and more intense. Most of your friends won’t understand or grasp what is going on. They will complain about their job, their pay, etc. Just listen, remember they don’t get that you don’t shut off the switch as a business owner. Remember their complaints are valued and they need a place to vent it, even if you can’t truly vent it.

The reason to let your friends vent and go through all the struggle is one word… Hope! Hope, is all we have and will never loss in the end. If you keep working hard and pushing through the rain, believe me there is rainbow around the corner, just have to look for it.

Finally I would like to make a small editors post about people who say Buy local. I want you to really mean it and continue to buy from locally own stores and farmers. But, I want you businesses to also do the same thing and support other local business that have a service and not a product. To many times, people and companies just look for local products and not services. So support your local services to.

Understanding small business is important in this Savage World; that you are no longer living in, but beginning to own!


About J F Savage
James Savage is a young business owner in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. In 2006, James earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. Two days after he graduated, James moved down to Lexington, KY as a business partner for Savage Syndications. Here we are years later and James is becoming a force in the business world. He is now CFO and partner of the company. Not many can do what he can do with list building and client relations. Also James was married to college sweet heart Alyssa in August 2008. The happy couple is working hard on making the house perfect and making sure the two puppies are always happy.

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