You’re Pretty


Media is killing the way we look at ourselves, always keeping us feeling like we need to look like the famous people.  This pressure from our peers, television, movies, etc. just weighs on us at time. Though there is a trick to beating this social image, it’s believing in yourself and do what you need to do to make you feel better. Remember, you are beautiful the way you are! No matter what the world says, you are beautiful.

This is when having an ego helps you out.  Yes, people see some people with an ego as a bad thing, because that person is very sure of who they are. The trick is staying humble when you hold an ego. Even at times if you think you aren’t good enough, remember to look into the mirror and say, “Yes, I am great, no matter what they say!”

Remember you’re not ugly because the media says you are, you are only ugly because you say it. Turn it around and say, I am pretty and good-looking! Remember who you are, and if you wanna change something then work on it. Just don’t damage yourself in the process.  Be true to yourself and everyone around you, just remember who you are.

Stay pretty in your mind, body, and soul. Pretty as in state of mind, don’t sit there and dwell on what you don’t have or don’t look like. That only leads to sadness and chasing a demon you can never catch. You want bigger muscles, then workout, you want to lose weight, then workout. Just don’t do damage to your body with steroids, implants, chemicals, etc. Stay true to yourself, by working on yourself naturally. This will bring far more joy in the end.

Be yourself, embrace who you truly are, and enjoy this life. You are truly your own worse enemy. Believe in yourself and you will go far!

Believing in yourself is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


About J F Savage
James Savage is a young business owner in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. In 2006, James earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. Two days after he graduated, James moved down to Lexington, KY as a business partner for Savage Syndications. Here we are years later and James is becoming a force in the business world. He is now CFO and partner of the company. Not many can do what he can do with list building and client relations. Also James was married to college sweet heart Alyssa in August 2008. The happy couple is working hard on making the house perfect and making sure the two puppies are always happy.

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