Release It All


There are times in our lives that we just feel pulled in every single direction. These are the times where you feel like you have given up on what you need to do for yourself to make sure others are okay. This is truly a hard time in life when it happens, though it’s rare when it does, still not easy to handle. Today’s lets take a quick focus on how to pull ourselves back to ourselves, before we snap.

Some of use sometimes are extremely giving and do anything to make friends and family feel at ease. Sometimes, this kindness is abused, though not even notice by the other side, because they don’t see you helping other friends and family members. The trick is to remember that, they aren’t doing this to hurt you, but needing that helping hand. Stay in the mindset of helping and letting them know you care, just cause they ask for help doesn’t mean they are doing it out of hate.

The problem lies when you reach the point, something small happens and everything you were holding in just explodes in your head. That one little thing that pushes you over the edge. How do we stop ourselves from imploding? It is a hard answer to figure out, but here is some thoughts.

Find a way to calm yourself and do something once or twice a day for yourself. Start a blog, write in a journal, write poetry, paint a picture, go for a run, etc. Whatever helps calm you down, do it for a least thirty minutes a day. That small rest will help recenter your body and focus the energy to tackle the world to help where you can.

Releasing your stress is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


About J F Savage
James Savage is a young business owner in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. In 2006, James earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. Two days after he graduated, James moved down to Lexington, KY as a business partner for Savage Syndications. Here we are years later and James is becoming a force in the business world. He is now CFO and partner of the company. Not many can do what he can do with list building and client relations. Also James was married to college sweet heart Alyssa in August 2008. The happy couple is working hard on making the house perfect and making sure the two puppies are always happy.

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