The Famous To Do List

Do It!

The famous to do list is what everyone makes almost every day. You wake up and make a plan for the day in your head. For example you think about what needs to be done at work and school then start going in that direction. Even the people who say they don’t plan, they too build a to do a list in their head. Today, lets focus on how to make the daily to do list more affective.

First thing you should do when you get to work or about to leave for school is write down the list in your head. This may sound a little silly, but this little checklist will do more for you then having it in your head. The reason being, you’re human; therefore, you will forget things.

Another reason to write down this list is for the meaning of achieving something. Every little detail you do is a chance to cross it off the list. When you reach the end of the day you can see just how much you have done. It’s a pretty amazing feeling when you look at the list near the end of the day and everything is crossed off for the day.

People who want to be organized or aren’t organized, the list is a major tool of success. This cheap little tool will customize what you need to do for the day. Also it will hold yourself accountable for your task. Think of the list as a guide for everyday you are working or have stuff to do at home.  It’s the best way to organize your time to get the best results, because now you can look at the list to understand what truly needs to be done.

If you keep your to do list in your head all day, then you are adding new things and forgetting other tasks (Note it’s okay to add to your hand written list). The issue with it all in your head, you sometimes forget if you did it or not. You need to go back and forth between everything. The best thing to do is just write down all your task to see what you can do.

At the end of the day when you look at your list you will see everything that you did.  For example you had five things you wanted to do today, they weren’t easy task but they really needed to be done. Now here you are at 4:45 PM, fifteen minutes before the end of the day. You look down at your list and everything is crossed off. Now just think how good that will feel with everything is crossed off and your day is over. That’s what I call a successful day. Give it a try today and tell us how it works!

Making a do list is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living, but beginning to own!



About J F Savage
James Savage is a young business owner in the city of Lexington, Kentucky. In 2006, James earned his bachelor's degree in Communications from the University of Cincinnati. Two days after he graduated, James moved down to Lexington, KY as a business partner for Savage Syndications. Here we are years later and James is becoming a force in the business world. He is now CFO and partner of the company. Not many can do what he can do with list building and client relations. Also James was married to college sweet heart Alyssa in August 2008. The happy couple is working hard on making the house perfect and making sure the two puppies are always happy.

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