Rub Some Dirt In It

Rub it in and Stand up

Wow, it’s been awhile since this old blogger has posted anything and to my readers and followers, I am sorry for the delay. Lets, say my 30th birthday month was well busy. Been everywhere from Boston to Cincinnati to back down to Lexington. The business and personal life has kept me slammed here and that is no excuse for being gone so long. So without further ado, let’s get this Wednesday started off right!

As some of may or may not know, recently I decided it was time to do something big in my life. After 30 years on this Earth, I never ran  a 5k. or more  As they say, go big or go home, well this blogger decided to go big! On October 21, 2012, this guy is running the Tough Mudder in Maysville, KY. Don’t know what the Tough Mudder is? It’s a 12 mile course filled with military grade obstacles. Maybe a little to harsh to start off on, but it needs to be done. This is not a race of any kind but a test of endurance, strength, and will for yourself. This brings me to my point today, rub some dirt it!

What? Rub dirt in it? Dirt in what? You ask. Well, here’s the thing is, I read a lot of times all over the place about this company coming out support a belief you don’t, or you’re tired and sore and don’t wanna do something cause it is too hard, or you just tired of the country you live in and hate this or that. Today, I am telling you to rub some dirt in, stand up, and get back on the horse. You don’t like a belief of a company, great don’t go there or don’t eat there, but don’t cry about it on your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc account. You are tired and sore, unless you have a medical condition, stop crying, posting on Facebook and other media outlets, truth is NO ONE CARES! So just cowboy up and get back on the weights, job , or whatever you are sore from. Finally the people who hate their country, you hate it so much the border is to the South, North, East, and West go there. But when you live this Freedom you know that cost a small price of rules and taxes is a lot easier than other places, the grass is always greener, so think on that the next you complain.

The trick to a good, easy, enjoyable life is to just let go of the negative. Yes, at times we get down on ourselves, we can get mad and need to blow of steam, that’s okay and healthy. Don’t think you need this 100% positive lifestyle, because you will get mad, sad, upset, etc. It’s how you let it affect your life and the others around you.For example, I post a Good Morning Facebook everyday, people love it or hate , but no matter how someone responds, this post affects them. Though, if they took the time to read it and go, “Hmm, it can be a good morning” and go about their day, then maybe it did it’s trick. So it’s either a good response or a bad response, and if the person thinks of it as a thing to post negative towards or message me in a negative manner about it, then maybe they should rethink their life. Don’t ever spread the hate and negative feelings, the rule goes back to “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Just manners and I think some of us lost that along the way. Sending positive vibes may sound corny, but it helps you and the world around you get along better.

If someone one seems to happy to be true, note they have issues like we all do, they just don’t like to share as much of the pain. This is a lesson in life we need to learn. Pain is temporary and should be seen as that. People who seem to be really happy know this and can master both the negative and positive in their lives to be okay.  Don’t let the world bring you down and don’t bring the rest of the world down with you. Focus on finding ways to make you happy and dumping the negative aspects out of your life. Stop crying about the grass is greener, cause chances are when you go over to that green grass it won’t look so green. The trick to have greener grass, is to work hard on your own yard to have it blossom into greener grass. Nothing comes easy, but with a lot of work and a positive attitude you will see the success.

Today, I want you readers to focus making yourself happy. Write a list of things you want to change over the course of the year and then work on it starting today. In a years time see what you can do. Share it with us, we would love to read about your success.

Rubbing dirt in your wounds and getting back up is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!



The Curtain is Down, the Drama is Over

The curtain is closed!

The other day I was enjoying a live show from this band I really enjoy. The crowd was small, but it was supposed to be and it was an all ages show. It wasn’t the band that made the biggest impact there, it was the drama that was aired out publicly in the parking lot afterwards. A son and mother were having a yelling match, the son was scolding his mother in broad daylight, in front of about twenty people, telling her that it’s all her fault.  The men in the crowd drew close to make sure the son didn’t do anything stupid as the bartender ran out to end the drama. Moments later the mother left with her head down and the son walked cocky towards a group of people who shook their head. End of the story, the scene was straight from a movie, but not with a good ending. There were no hugs, no resolution, just a son and mother with issues for the whole world to see, with the son looking like a jerk.

Maybe, I was lucky and didn’t have mommy issues or daddy issues. Maybe I took all the things that could have held me down and used them as fuel to become better and not worried about the past. People, parents, and friends aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and probably don’t realize it at the time.  The end of the day you can’t sit in a corner and blame everyone else for your problem, you are there and it may stink, but it’s your job to get out of the problem. If they caused it, find ways to get out of it and move on. You can’t live your whole life in hate and drama, what does it do for you? Nothing. Yes, I may not of had parent issued, but was bullied and teachers who told me I would never be anything, etc. I used every ounce of energy to become the best person I can be without being a bitter man..

What does leaving in the past do? Keeps you stuck behind the rest of the world. Yes the past is great to remember to know where you come from, great memories, things that failed, things that you learned, etc. Though once the day ends, the curtain is over on that day and it’s time to move on. People are going to hurt you, people may say things in jealous, rage, hate, etc. It’s your job to get out of that issue and yes, I am aware some issues are harder than most to get out, those cases are not the issue today. Trick is you need to remember who you are, build on that for the present and future. Show the world the positive amazing force you have become! Don’t dwell on your pain and sorrow, that just gets you stuck in a dark corner.

Remember that you are an awesome person, no matter what someone else said or did to you. Having issues with you parents, talk to them, don’t yell and don’t do it publicly. Issues with friends or family, tell them, don’t hold it in, but don’t yell and if they start getting mad, end the convo and tell we can talk when they are ready to. Don’t let others bring you down and don’t let others run your life. Drama is overrated, but thanks to Facebook, MTV reality shows, etc. we think drama is great now! Because it’s cool to live life-like a gangsta, being a teen mom, having issues with people, etc. It’s just time people drop the curtain and end the everyday drama and move on.

Life is too short for drama, make it a positive day every day from here on out and if someone tries to bring you down. Tell em no and move on, no one should ever steal your sunshine.

Striving for a drama free life is key  in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

The Hard Climb Upward

Never Give Up

Six years ago, I was fresh out of college and ask to partner in a company a small distance from my college city. I was excited, inexperienced, scared, nervous, and eager to get going. Had a very cool first client that was in the heart of the city and was pretty dang fun to work with. On the cutting edge at times it seemed and I was doing some amazing work. Quickly and without notice this awesome clients investors, decide to pull the plug and start axing jobs quickly. Our company was the first to go without warning, went home one day and never went back.

After the end of my first client which was about four months in, the company had to start looking for new clients quickly. Now there was a lot of fear at this time and more downs then ups. I learned how to build a company from the ground up with the help of my partners. Slowly we rebuilt and within a year we were doing good, not awesome, but good. Then again the status of cool clients came in and they went pretty quickly, no matter how great of a job we did. We were force to rebuild and we did, but this time it has been two years since the fall of our first major client and we learned from mistakes. We built up a name for ourselves, starting all over for the third time and working on how to build a stronghold, piece by piece, brick by brick.

Here we are six years later and we are stable and building still, but the fear will always be there, but not around every corner like the past. We continue to grow, expand, and learn new ways to build that safety net.  We are no where need the top, but every day brings us closer to where we want to be. I am okay with that, because I learned that nothing comes easy and if it does, how long does it last? The longer and harder we work for it, the longer and more successful it will last.

This story today is not to give a big detail of my company, but more to show you it takes time to get to where you want to be. Overnight success sounds awesome and does happen, just not a lot. Your awesome client or fun amazing that is too good to be true job, could be gone in a blink, because of all these different factors. True you see bands on TV and hear them on the radio and think, man they are lucky, truth be told, they busted their butt to get there. You look at an amazing business like Wal-Mart for example, Sam Walton started with nothing and was a small store before he came big, it took time and years.

Point is you want a successful career or your own business, stick with what works and going down the right paths. Yes there are pitfalls that seem to make you fall back a few steps, when honestly a pitfall is another lesson learned. You know the tools you need to do to become higher in your company or in your business world, which is education, experience, loyalty, hard work, and heart. Even if you think all is lost and you can’t be successful, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just buckle down and get to work. No one gets anywhere by sitting on their butt watching TV all day.

Last bit of knowledge today and that is networking and being a good person. On your climb to the top, don’t shove people off and don’t ignore people who can be great allies to you. The more you push people away, the more they resent you, the more resent leads to higher damage as you climb. Help others even if they don’t help you for years later. Remember it’s always networking and knowing the world, you never know where a helping hand can come from.

Understanding your hard climb is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!




LOUD NOISES!!! PEOPLE MAKE LOUD NOISES AND YOU SHOULD LISTEN AND PAY ATTENTION TO THEM NOW!!!!! Okay, so here’s the deal, yesterday I was at the gym doing my normal workout and my biggest gym pet peeve came to play, the slamming of the weights.  For the record there is never a reason why someone should slam the weight unless they can’t handle it and over did it, which happens here and there, but should never happen over and over again. That’s the other reason it happens, to get people to look and say “My gosh they are soooo tough”. Honestly, that doesn’t happen. When really they can’t handle the workout they are doing and really in the end hurting themselves.

The point to the gym story is how this reflect on every day life. You are sitting at your house and a car drives by with a crappy stereo bumping it so loud it shakes your windows. Then there is the person yelling as loud as they can as they talk on the cell phone walking in the mall, and finally the people who have to boost about who they and what they do in a very public place where everyone can hear them. These type of people are the attention needers, they make loud noises for you all to hear and know they are important.

In life it’s okay to be cocky and sure of yourself at times, but there is never a need to yell, rant, slam weights because you want the world to think you are awesome. Truth be told, actions speak louder than words. When doing your workout just do the weights you can handle at a good pace without making giant noises. Don’t go around yelling about how awesome you are to a crowd that doesn’t care. Just do what you need to do, act don’t yell. People will notice you for who you and what you do, not how loud you are.

Remember today just be yourself, don’t be a loud person wanting attention that doesn’t do anything for you. Use your actions more than your loud noises. Yes they will get looks, but not the attention you like.  Just relax, calm, and stop yelling, slamming weights, and trying to be the loudest one in the room.

Not using loud noises is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Making the Sun Come Out on a Rainy Day

Always something magical in the rainy day.

Down here in Lexington, KY it’s a pretty rainy, ugly day for us. Well at least that’s how it looks when you look out the window.  Two things you can do on a rainy day that you need to be productive on; number one, let it get you down and gloomy, or number two look at it as just another sunny day wanting you to do your best so you can go enjoy the rest of the day! Yes, rainy days can bring you down, but don’t let them. Today lets talk about it.

The trick to rainy days is easy, just don’t pay attention to the fact that it is ugly out. You can’t change the weather so don’t let it change your mood. Many times we allow outside sources like the rain overtake our mood. Have a grumpy coworker who likes to bring everyone down? Do you let them? If you do then they are no different then the rain to you. Why let the weather or a coworker bring you down? Or is that just an excuse you like to use?

Thing is, the world is beautiful why let something outside of your own world bring you down so much that you are grumpy to? Makes no sense at all. What you should try to do is ignore the negative feedback, like the rain. Don’t let the Debbie downers destroy your day or life. Yes bad news will happen that you can’t ignore but for the everyday drama, just let it go. There’s no need that the rain can’t look like sunshine all the time.

Rejecting the down side rain is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


When Life Gives You Lemons

When The Lemons Come, They Come in Bunches!

No matter what happens in your life, some bad things will happen at times and you can do two things; sit there in the pain or stand up, face the issue and move on with your life. The moving on can be really hard for some people, they get stuck in the shame, guilt, pain, etc. for what ever happen. It’s hard to get up when something major happens, but believe me when I say this, the sun is shining bright somewhere for you to walk towards. There is always hope, no matter where you go.

Today, I want to discuss with you the issues of the lemons and how they can come down on you. Many things can happen, you break up with your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, you lost a love one, etc. These things can be crippling and most people understand that, allowing you that time to breath and recollect yourself, that is not the problem. The problem we face is getting back up, to many times do I see people fall down and stay down.  Hardest thing to do is to get up and staying down makes you the problem. People depend on you to stand up and be strong for them to. It’s okay to be sad, mad, etc. but neglecting your life because of your pain is not right to the ones who are still with you or yourself.

At the end of the day, we have all been through our fair share of pain and it stinks. Our lives are meant for us to run them and be who we are, the pain needs to be allowed to heal, but also needs us to stand up. If you are in pain right now, understand what ever is going on it could be worse and people are needing you right now to stand up. If you live in a world of lemons you will never get the sour taste out of your mouth, try some of this orange right here and see the sweet taste of life.

Standing up in the midst of pain is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Who Cares How Busy You Are!?

First off let me say I am sorry to all my fellow readers out there on my lack of post lately. It has been a very busy time for this writer here who was traveling and working on taking care of stuff for his business. I promise to make it up to all of you for my lack of writing and pound out about of great post for you in the ext couple of weeks. With that being said, lets talk about everyone who is extremely busy and loves to talk about it. You know we all have those friends, that when you ask how they are doing their first response is always, “I AM SOOO BUSY!” and we are like that’s nice, but “HOW ARE YOU!? Not how busy are you!” Today lets talk about this phrase and how much it makes you look like, well honestly, a jerk.

Here’s the deal, when I ask someone how they are, I personally don’t care how busy they are, if I wanted to know how busy you were, I would ask how busy are you. When someone tells us that they are busy the underlining message is, they don’t really want to talk to you and even if that is not the case, it still seems that way. Busy is a good thing and it’s great to be busy, but going around telling me that you busy and that is how you are doing, you are missing the question. To many times do I get the response that they are so busy with work and extra stuff, news flash we are busy in our normal lives, doesn’t mean you have to respond that you are busy.

To all my people out there who use this “I am busy” as a response to the question how you are doing, why do you respond that way? Well here’s the real reasons why you do. First off you want to feel important and feel the need to say I am busy is a way of showing that you are to busy for anything. Second, you don’t really want to talk to the person and saying you’re busy is a way of trying to give them a hint, where you should just say, “Hey I am good, but really busy at the moment, can we talk later?” is an easier response then just,”I am busy.” Finally my last point on this, is you sound like you give to poos about the person who ask you the question, because you didn’t answer it and that right there is the number one sign that this person is below you, not meaningful, and just a pain to you.

Now if you don’t want to come off that way, just find better ways to word it if you can’t talk. Everyone is busy and if someone reaches out to you, even though they are probably busy too, then you can give them the curiosity of being nice to them. Here’s the main deal, being busy is great and for the most part all of us, so no one gives any thought about that in a real conversation, unless they ask you “How busy you are?” don’t response with you telling them how busy you are. Lets be honest, that’s just rude, so think on that before you response with… “I AM BUSY!” No one cares if you are or not.

Answering the right way is key in this Savage World, that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Getting the Work Started

Remember yesterday as we were discussing having a clean home and work place? With the talks of that and branching from yesterday’s topic, let’s go into how to get started with your work. The hardest part is not finishing a project, but starting one. Today, we are going to talk about that and maybe work on making it easier.

Most of the times projects come on long that seem easy enough, but we can never just get them off the ground till the last-minute. For an example you need to write-up a report or build something for your client. Chances are you have to start somewhere and that’s the hard part. Cause sometimes, somewhere isn’t easy to find.

Trick is you just need to sit down and start it. If you are having problems search online on tips of how to start that aspect or start using note pads to come up with your plan of action. This takes sometime, but if you can go into your project with a giant idea of who you want it to work/look, then all you need to do is figure out the base (which is the starting point).

The major thing here is starting it and finding the start point.  When you are looking at these type of projects where you feel lost in the start, just sit down and start planning. This may take a little training on your own part to do, but once you figure it out you can start it and get it rolling.

Getting your projects started is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

At Long Last

They're Messy!

Hello everyone and first let me say sorry for the delay in my blogs lately. Been under a lot of work and pressure with the business lately. No worries, I love pressure and a lot of work on the table. Everything is good on this  end and today, lets talk about the hectic life of being busy.

Many people don’t know this, but when you are a small business owner/partner, you really do take on many different roles that most people don’t do in their normal life. You are the sales department, IT department, HR department, billing department, etc.  Everyone comes at you in a whirlwind that you never can really plan for. Honestly, this is also your normal life you even if you aren’t a business owner. The reason is when your at your home or place of resident. You are the everything that I mention above for where you live. So why are we talking about this today, you ask? Easy, read on.

The thing is no matter who you are and what you do, you are busy and there is no escaping what you need to do. Now at times we slack off and want to watch tv or take a nap. That is okay, here and there, you need that time to relax and it is highly suggested. Now there is a kicker and this is why today’s post is so important. If you slack off way to much, bad things will happen and they will throw your world into a nasty mess.

Lets start with what will happen if you decide to slack off a lot at your home. First your dishes pile up, your messes start getting bigger and spreading throughout the house, the laundry doesn’t get done and your clothes are a mess, your bills don’t get paid, etc. Basically, you live a life-like a slob and chances are people see it. This leads to a disorganize and unhealthy lifestyle.

Here’s what you need to do to maybe help this issue. Take twenty minutes a night to clean up a little. When you are done with something put it away. Set one night or day a week to pay all your bills. In the end just be organized. Twenty minutes a night can really save you more time in the end, because if you let the house go, when you do decide to clean it you will spend a lot longer doing it. For the big projects like the garage and yard, make a to do list and when you want it done by and just do that twenty minutes a night and see what happens. There you have it, 40 minutes a night taking care of your house and place of resident to make it better and run smooth, not hard at all.

Next business and work world. Well this is where you are forced to be productive and needing to make things happen. That’s a good thing, but at times we can get lazy at work too. You now push things off to the side, keep our desk really a mess. So, if we are going to be amazing at work we need to get on the ball. That’s by keeping your desk organized, doing your daily task, and keeping up with everything. Like the house and big task, you should keep a to do list handy.

These are just some small steps to keep you running and well taken care of. Continue to push through and getting the organization of your life and work in order. It’s really not that hard, just takes a little push. I want you to try this throughout the week and post your progress and how you are doing through this process, we want to hear about the success!!

Taking control of your day-to-day life is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!!


Beautiful Morning

This morning I woke up a little tired, but with this great sense of joy.  Usually in the morning I wake up pretty happy, but today, there was just this special feeling in the air. After getting ready and almost out the door, there was the one need to walk the pups before leaving for the office. Midnight and Pesky do this on a daily routine and it’s one of the most interesting moments of the day, the dogs can either be all crazy and hard to walk, or just walking at a nice pace enjoying the morning. Today was the nice pace for the dogs and really it was one of those mornings where it just feels like everything is coming together.

What’s the point of that little story you ask? What was the point of Monday’s post? Well, it’s time to go into why we had Monday’s post and today’s little story. Lets start off with Monday and how to start the week off right. This Monday, we spoke about how important it is to have a great start to the week and to be positive. Here’s example number of the post, Monday here was pretty amazing, everyone was really positive at the office and amazing things started to be put in play. Tuesday came along piggybacking of Monday and brought in some major key items, that lead to Wednesday, which is now a very important day this week for us. This all started because Monday, was kicked started with the positive energy of all the people in the office.

Now the story of the beautiful day and everything clicking in the morning. Reason for the story is to continue to focus on the good throughout the week and everyday. Why wake up grumpy and mad at the world, when you can wake up happy? Life is to short to focus on bad thoughts of the day before, it’s in the past now and we are in the present to move forward in life.

Every morning try to find some kind of beauty, push through the negative filters of the social media and physical world. Things aren’t that bad and can always be worse. You’re life is what you make it, so if you get out a bed every morning with a big giant grin on your face, your life will be even better.

Finding the beauty every morning is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!