Making it Through


In life, we have challenges we always have to face there is just no way around it. If you want to make more money, you work hard with school, then your job, etc. to get where you want to be. It’s the time from where you start and on your travels to get there that is the hard part. You can always look a head and say, when I get this and when I get that. Only to then be stuck in reality at where you are and get down heart about it. There is a trick to get through the growing pains and make it to the other side of your goal.

The goals you have in life, the major ones that is, are hard to grasp sometimes. They seem so far away, like we come so far only to go even further and it always seem just out of reach. Today, you need to stop looking at where the goal is, but where you are and be proud of how far you come. For example, my business, four years ago it was looking on the verge of death and we were pretty scared here. One by one new clients came in and every month we got better, then every year we became more stable, till finally this year we got too much work and needed to grow. We are still not where we want to be, but I will take where we are and proud of what we did to make it.

If I would have given up halfway, I would have failed and most people will give up halfway to the goal, because it is hard. What we need to remember is why and what we are fighting for. Going for your degree seems like a long task, but keep going it will give you the fruits of your labor in time. Yes, people are going to nay say and talk about zero jobs after your degree, but they are wrong. You just got to do the right things and look for the work, it will come.

Nothing in life is easy, but making it through and working through the pain is key in this world.  You can do it, just stay focus and most importantly stay positive. Tune out on the negative noise, because you know it will always be there. People are going to down play what you are doing and say you will never make it. If every band listen to that negative talk, we would have zero music, if every business owner heard that and listen, we wouldn’t have companies or jobs, if every person who went to college heard and listen, well zero graduates would come out. Today and everyday focus on where you are and improving to reach your goal, you can do it!!

Blocking out the negative vibes to reach your goal is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


When Life Gives You Lemons

When The Lemons Come, They Come in Bunches!

No matter what happens in your life, some bad things will happen at times and you can do two things; sit there in the pain or stand up, face the issue and move on with your life. The moving on can be really hard for some people, they get stuck in the shame, guilt, pain, etc. for what ever happen. It’s hard to get up when something major happens, but believe me when I say this, the sun is shining bright somewhere for you to walk towards. There is always hope, no matter where you go.

Today, I want to discuss with you the issues of the lemons and how they can come down on you. Many things can happen, you break up with your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, you lost a love one, etc. These things can be crippling and most people understand that, allowing you that time to breath and recollect yourself, that is not the problem. The problem we face is getting back up, to many times do I see people fall down and stay down.  Hardest thing to do is to get up and staying down makes you the problem. People depend on you to stand up and be strong for them to. It’s okay to be sad, mad, etc. but neglecting your life because of your pain is not right to the ones who are still with you or yourself.

At the end of the day, we have all been through our fair share of pain and it stinks. Our lives are meant for us to run them and be who we are, the pain needs to be allowed to heal, but also needs us to stand up. If you are in pain right now, understand what ever is going on it could be worse and people are needing you right now to stand up. If you live in a world of lemons you will never get the sour taste out of your mouth, try some of this orange right here and see the sweet taste of life.

Standing up in the midst of pain is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Who Cares How Busy You Are!?

First off let me say I am sorry to all my fellow readers out there on my lack of post lately. It has been a very busy time for this writer here who was traveling and working on taking care of stuff for his business. I promise to make it up to all of you for my lack of writing and pound out about of great post for you in the ext couple of weeks. With that being said, lets talk about everyone who is extremely busy and loves to talk about it. You know we all have those friends, that when you ask how they are doing their first response is always, “I AM SOOO BUSY!” and we are like that’s nice, but “HOW ARE YOU!? Not how busy are you!” Today lets talk about this phrase and how much it makes you look like, well honestly, a jerk.

Here’s the deal, when I ask someone how they are, I personally don’t care how busy they are, if I wanted to know how busy you were, I would ask how busy are you. When someone tells us that they are busy the underlining message is, they don’t really want to talk to you and even if that is not the case, it still seems that way. Busy is a good thing and it’s great to be busy, but going around telling me that you busy and that is how you are doing, you are missing the question. To many times do I get the response that they are so busy with work and extra stuff, news flash we are busy in our normal lives, doesn’t mean you have to respond that you are busy.

To all my people out there who use this “I am busy” as a response to the question how you are doing, why do you respond that way? Well here’s the real reasons why you do. First off you want to feel important and feel the need to say I am busy is a way of showing that you are to busy for anything. Second, you don’t really want to talk to the person and saying you’re busy is a way of trying to give them a hint, where you should just say, “Hey I am good, but really busy at the moment, can we talk later?” is an easier response then just,”I am busy.” Finally my last point on this, is you sound like you give to poos about the person who ask you the question, because you didn’t answer it and that right there is the number one sign that this person is below you, not meaningful, and just a pain to you.

Now if you don’t want to come off that way, just find better ways to word it if you can’t talk. Everyone is busy and if someone reaches out to you, even though they are probably busy too, then you can give them the curiosity of being nice to them. Here’s the main deal, being busy is great and for the most part all of us, so no one gives any thought about that in a real conversation, unless they ask you “How busy you are?” don’t response with you telling them how busy you are. Lets be honest, that’s just rude, so think on that before you response with… “I AM BUSY!” No one cares if you are or not.

Answering the right way is key in this Savage World, that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Getting the Work Started

Remember yesterday as we were discussing having a clean home and work place? With the talks of that and branching from yesterday’s topic, let’s go into how to get started with your work. The hardest part is not finishing a project, but starting one. Today, we are going to talk about that and maybe work on making it easier.

Most of the times projects come on long that seem easy enough, but we can never just get them off the ground till the last-minute. For an example you need to write-up a report or build something for your client. Chances are you have to start somewhere and that’s the hard part. Cause sometimes, somewhere isn’t easy to find.

Trick is you just need to sit down and start it. If you are having problems search online on tips of how to start that aspect or start using note pads to come up with your plan of action. This takes sometime, but if you can go into your project with a giant idea of who you want it to work/look, then all you need to do is figure out the base (which is the starting point).

The major thing here is starting it and finding the start point.  When you are looking at these type of projects where you feel lost in the start, just sit down and start planning. This may take a little training on your own part to do, but once you figure it out you can start it and get it rolling.

Getting your projects started is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

At Long Last

They're Messy!

Hello everyone and first let me say sorry for the delay in my blogs lately. Been under a lot of work and pressure with the business lately. No worries, I love pressure and a lot of work on the table. Everything is good on this  end and today, lets talk about the hectic life of being busy.

Many people don’t know this, but when you are a small business owner/partner, you really do take on many different roles that most people don’t do in their normal life. You are the sales department, IT department, HR department, billing department, etc.  Everyone comes at you in a whirlwind that you never can really plan for. Honestly, this is also your normal life you even if you aren’t a business owner. The reason is when your at your home or place of resident. You are the everything that I mention above for where you live. So why are we talking about this today, you ask? Easy, read on.

The thing is no matter who you are and what you do, you are busy and there is no escaping what you need to do. Now at times we slack off and want to watch tv or take a nap. That is okay, here and there, you need that time to relax and it is highly suggested. Now there is a kicker and this is why today’s post is so important. If you slack off way to much, bad things will happen and they will throw your world into a nasty mess.

Lets start with what will happen if you decide to slack off a lot at your home. First your dishes pile up, your messes start getting bigger and spreading throughout the house, the laundry doesn’t get done and your clothes are a mess, your bills don’t get paid, etc. Basically, you live a life-like a slob and chances are people see it. This leads to a disorganize and unhealthy lifestyle.

Here’s what you need to do to maybe help this issue. Take twenty minutes a night to clean up a little. When you are done with something put it away. Set one night or day a week to pay all your bills. In the end just be organized. Twenty minutes a night can really save you more time in the end, because if you let the house go, when you do decide to clean it you will spend a lot longer doing it. For the big projects like the garage and yard, make a to do list and when you want it done by and just do that twenty minutes a night and see what happens. There you have it, 40 minutes a night taking care of your house and place of resident to make it better and run smooth, not hard at all.

Next business and work world. Well this is where you are forced to be productive and needing to make things happen. That’s a good thing, but at times we can get lazy at work too. You now push things off to the side, keep our desk really a mess. So, if we are going to be amazing at work we need to get on the ball. That’s by keeping your desk organized, doing your daily task, and keeping up with everything. Like the house and big task, you should keep a to do list handy.

These are just some small steps to keep you running and well taken care of. Continue to push through and getting the organization of your life and work in order. It’s really not that hard, just takes a little push. I want you to try this throughout the week and post your progress and how you are doing through this process, we want to hear about the success!!

Taking control of your day-to-day life is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!!


The Night of Champions

The Crowd

Now, I am not the biggest University of Kentucky fan, in fact I am probably the person you don’t want to talk to when it comes to their sports team. In fact 95% of the time, this guy right here can’t stand the fans and the team. A little background, if you don’t know, I live in the heart of Wildcat Nation in Lexington, KY.  Honestly, I can’t stand the UK fans or the school for the most part, just due to their cocky attitudes. Then last night happen and all the things that came with it.

As a resident of Lexington, KY, I will never be a University of Kentucky fan, but I will support my city.  Last night Lexington, had something to be proud of, their team won a National Title for them and is bringing it home. It was a great time for Lexington and really was a great show of emotion, heart, soul, etc for the team and city. It was when fans go bananas and some of them ruin it for others.

This past weekend and last night, Lexington had an explosive of people into the main campus bar area after every win. Would say 85% of these fans were just having a good time, cheering, celebrating, and enjoying the sweet taste of victory. The other 15% is what we are going to discuss today and is one of the major reason why I have an issue with this school.

This weekend when Kentucky beat cross-state rivals the University of Louisville, I got to hear and witness cars being set on fire, sofas being burned, beer bottles being thrown, etc. This was not the sign of good sportsmanship, in fact it put a giant stain on the city on how we act when we win. Then came last night, a car crashed into a bar patio, garage was caught on fire, cars on fire, shootings, etc. This again was a very nasty sight and the eyes of the nation saw it.

Yes, I know that was a small percent of people doing the bad deeds, but people look for the bad and the not the good sadly. To defend the city a little, there were a ton of people down there in the city who came out with families to enjoy the cheering and taking pictures with the riot police, who were happy for that. Those fans were the best sports, cheering, excited, and happy for their team. These are who I like to see when a team wins a title.

Sadly those good fans will be overshadowed by the few fans who found an excuse to destroy the city, because “their” team one. These fans are the reason why people will start to hate your team and town. They see the bad and not the good of your team. The question is how do you stop them? The answer, you really can’t.

Thing is, each cities fans will react differently when they win. In 2004, Red Sox fans cried and cheered after they won the world series. In 2002 Ohio State fans rioted after they beat Michigan in a regular season football game.  Every time the Yankees win, their fans cheer, scream and enjoy another victory. The world watches what we do when our team wins and every city is different.  Moment your city turns to rioting, fires, tear gas, etc. all the happy moments and good people are erased by the ugliness of your bad seeds.

Meaning of my post today is the only way to stop this view on your team is to be a good sport and fan. Be the fan that cheers, cries, gets excited, give out high fives, all that and don’t be the fan that turns to crime after your team wins a big game. Esp, now that Facebook is around, once you are video destroying a car, chances are you will get busted!!

In the end of the night after the trophy is handed out and your team is rewarded the prize, be a good sport. Don’t be a menace to your fan base, have pride in your team and yourself. There is no need to riot, just enjoy happy times with your friends and fellow fans.

Being a good fan is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

The World of Joy

Head on!!

To many times we are stuck in the right now and how things are. We listen way too much on what the world tells how we should act, dress, talk, etc. We listen to all our negative friends on the Facebook society and not see them in real life.  It’s time to start becoming deaf and blind to what some of the world tells you and listen to more positive aspects of your world.

Take this writer for example, he use to be a guy who was stuck in his own depression, worried about what everyone thought of him and always wanted to be the best. Thought it was cool to be depressed, because at the time movies and shows were all about the drama, guess that still goes on today (Thank you Twilight). It wasn’t till I learned that no one cares if your sad or upset for a long period of time. Sure there are times a loss of a loved one or friend, injury, etc. But usually if you are sad or acting negative, people don’t want to be around you, period.

If you stay in this mood of depression anti social and ignoring the hands that are out there, because you are just too cool and depressed for that, friendship will be lost. Instead you need to turn off what the world is telling you to be, find your inner joy. Are you going through a rough time? Find a way to make it better. In this process you better yourself and it’s not an overnight fix. Friends are there to help if you are willing to listen. On the flip side if you continue to be down and don’t want to pull yourself up, chances are you are going to drive people away.

Think about this, you push friends away who try to help and always been there, for other things like booze or parties, etc. Escaping the demons with outside sources that are a temporary fix don’t help. When you come back to Earth you will feel just as bad if not worse. The thing is you become the problem when you refuse the hands, when you refuse to pick yourself up. It’s when you slam the door on the negative attitudes and start focusing on making it better that’s when you start to solve the problem.

This writer understands the issues of depression been there a few times in my life. It happens and it’s nothing to be ashamed about, but talk and ask for advice when you need it. Don’t go around posting on Facebook how you can’t sleep or you hate your life or this person. Just focus on finding the issues and working your way out of it. Help comes in the forms of human face to face or phone to phone interaction. Nothing is solved by airing out your problems via social media.

Dealing with your problems face first is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Not For Granted

Enjoy the beauty

Many times in our lives we take the ones that are always around for granted. This goes from friends, family members, coworkers, employees, etc. We always feel that once we build that bound they will always be around. Maybe they have done something for you time and time again that they become very much apart of what you need. The thing is don’t take em for granted.

Sometimes we have those friends that always wants to do something or talk, but we kind of brush them off. We know if there isn’t anything to do or something is needed, they will be there.  You know this person, the one who is super nice, but not really important because you always have something better to do or be at. Let me ask you, what would happen if this person would stop calling, texting, and checking in on you? Would you still reach out to them? Five years from now will you miss that comfort level and trust?

Chances are yes, if you take for granted someone who tries to reach out and be a friend, but never giving them a true reason to stick around, then you will lose them. People get sick of being the on call friend or if the poo hits the fan type deal. This person is also the one who you usually take advantage of , because for a time they allow it.

Everyone does this and some of us also are the ones who have it done to us if not all of us. It’s not a good thing or feeling to be taken for granted off. This is something that this written has been working real hard at lately, reaching out to old friends, working on relationships, to let everyone that I care and want to make them know how much they mean.

People come and go in our lives so quickly to maintain a friendship is very hard work, esp if it’s over 100 miles away. It may not seem fruitful, but let me tell if you can maintain it, then you will enjoy the fruits of the labor. Though if you don’t you will begin to lose that friend into the deep sea, most likely never heard from again.

Today the lesson, I want you to take is don’t take your friends for granted. They may seem like a bore, but if you abuse their friendship and give it false hope, because you like the attention, now is the time to cut the cord or be more open with them. The time for taking people for granted should be over, because you never know when they will be gone for good.

Don’t take anything for granted in this Savage World; that you are no longer living, but beginning to own!

Beautiful Morning

This morning I woke up a little tired, but with this great sense of joy.  Usually in the morning I wake up pretty happy, but today, there was just this special feeling in the air. After getting ready and almost out the door, there was the one need to walk the pups before leaving for the office. Midnight and Pesky do this on a daily routine and it’s one of the most interesting moments of the day, the dogs can either be all crazy and hard to walk, or just walking at a nice pace enjoying the morning. Today was the nice pace for the dogs and really it was one of those mornings where it just feels like everything is coming together.

What’s the point of that little story you ask? What was the point of Monday’s post? Well, it’s time to go into why we had Monday’s post and today’s little story. Lets start off with Monday and how to start the week off right. This Monday, we spoke about how important it is to have a great start to the week and to be positive. Here’s example number of the post, Monday here was pretty amazing, everyone was really positive at the office and amazing things started to be put in play. Tuesday came along piggybacking of Monday and brought in some major key items, that lead to Wednesday, which is now a very important day this week for us. This all started because Monday, was kicked started with the positive energy of all the people in the office.

Now the story of the beautiful day and everything clicking in the morning. Reason for the story is to continue to focus on the good throughout the week and everyday. Why wake up grumpy and mad at the world, when you can wake up happy? Life is to short to focus on bad thoughts of the day before, it’s in the past now and we are in the present to move forward in life.

Every morning try to find some kind of beauty, push through the negative filters of the social media and physical world. Things aren’t that bad and can always be worse. You’re life is what you make it, so if you get out a bed every morning with a big giant grin on your face, your life will be even better.

Finding the beauty every morning is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Monday, Monday

Ahhh Monday, what a beautiful day of the week. How many post can I make about this wonderful day? Personally, I think millions.  Yup, this is the day most people joke about, hate, and just wish was never around, but again today we need to stress the importance of a Monday.

Why is Monday so important you ask? Why can’t we just roll over in bed and wait for Tuesday? Simple really, Monday is the day of the week that you get to start over fresh. You just had two great days off and now have a chance to kick off another great work or school week for yourself. Yea, it’s nice to sleep in and if Monday never came around, Tuesday would be just as bad.

Think of it this way, you wake up Monday morning dreading your work week and work load. You just want to sleep in a little more like the weekend and relax or do house work.  Instead Monday comes quickly and wakes you up out of your peaceful slumber way to early.  It sounds awful right? Really, it’s not, Mondays should be the day that sets the tone for the week.

For example, you come into work on Monday tired, sleepy, annoyed, and just don’t wanna be bugged. This will lead to your Monday being bad, because you already think it is going to be. Now if you come in happy, ready to get some things going, and start moving earlier, Monday is going to be good, because you already have it planned.

Here’s the real deal, you want to be more productive at your work? Kick start the week of on Monday, once you have a good start to the week it will mostly only get better. Remember to smile, think positive thoughts, remember that it isn’t a bad day. This day is very important and we need to start focusing on how great the day is!

Making Monday amazing is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!