All About the Sun Today

Opening up!

Truth be told, I really want some rain here in Lexington and the past two days it just looked like was going to open at any minute and sadly it never did. Today is a different story, the sun is high in the sky this morning beaming down and not holding back.  Today just feels right, like the past few days the sun was fighting to come out, but the clouds were blocking its view.

Lets talk about the sun versus the clouds today and how it goes with your everyday life. Think of it this way, the sun is bright, makes you happy, and wants you to be out in it. The clouds and rain, want you to hide inside, can bring you down, and just can get you into a bad mood. Like the sun, when you are down, your brightness tries to break out of your depressing clouds. May not seem like it at times, but your sun is wanting to shine every moment it can

Clouds in your head are the fog that runs in during the morning, you really don’t know where it came from or why it’s there. All you want to truly do is get out of the funk the clouds put you in, so you can have a good day. Trick is you have to fight through the clouds with your sun, allow it to break free. Clear your mind of the troubles you have, or work through the issues so you can break free from it all.  Some days you have to work through the issues, other days you just need to  get the sun to come out a little bit more than usual. Once it’s out though, the world does seem brighter.

Not letting the clouds win is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Fighting the Fog

The Sun is Always There

Some days you just wake up in a fog of you don’t know what. Your not 100% excited or a 100% sad. You’re just sitting there in a small little fog, trying to figure what is going on. This is when you get up and do the things you normally do, just by doing the motions. How do we fight this and get back to the normal thought process? Lets take a moment and figure this out together.

Think about the time you woke up like this and just can’t seem to fight back the fog. What happen the night before that made you just feel this way? Usually this is caused by stressed that has been lingering in your system for a while, it’s been building for a few days or week, then BOOM, you are in the fog. It’s a depressed feeling, yet not too depressed, just have a giant feeling of being drained.

The trick is to fight this off before it hits. The way to do this is easy, relax, don’t get yourself stress. Find ways of releasing your stress and issues that you have in a healthy matter. For example, talk it out with people what’s going through your head, use a sounding board. Another way is to go workout, release your aggression by hitting the iron or going for a long run.

Now when you get fight it before and wake up in this dense fog, you need to pull out of it. Basically, it’s the same of what you need to do to prevent it. One trick is again to talk it out, even with just yourself in the mirror. Also you can do a quick set of push ups, sits up, or what not to release that stress inside you. If that doesn’t work then you need to force yourself to think positive thoughts and find the sunshine through your fog.

Fighting through the fog is key in this Savage World, that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!