All About the Sun Today

Opening up!

Truth be told, I really want some rain here in Lexington and the past two days it just looked like was going to open at any minute and sadly it never did. Today is a different story, the sun is high in the sky this morning beaming down and not holding back.  Today just feels right, like the past few days the sun was fighting to come out, but the clouds were blocking its view.

Lets talk about the sun versus the clouds today and how it goes with your everyday life. Think of it this way, the sun is bright, makes you happy, and wants you to be out in it. The clouds and rain, want you to hide inside, can bring you down, and just can get you into a bad mood. Like the sun, when you are down, your brightness tries to break out of your depressing clouds. May not seem like it at times, but your sun is wanting to shine every moment it can

Clouds in your head are the fog that runs in during the morning, you really don’t know where it came from or why it’s there. All you want to truly do is get out of the funk the clouds put you in, so you can have a good day. Trick is you have to fight through the clouds with your sun, allow it to break free. Clear your mind of the troubles you have, or work through the issues so you can break free from it all.  Some days you have to work through the issues, other days you just need to  get the sun to come out a little bit more than usual. Once it’s out though, the world does seem brighter.

Not letting the clouds win is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Changing for the Future

Time to change

This world is forever changing, there is no denying the fact. Everyday scientist are discovering and inviting new things. An old building is being torn down somewhere, as a new building starts to rise from the ground. Everyday, this world is changing and so are you.

Today, lets talk about the forever change and how we adapt to it all. Thing is, not everyone wants to change or have a change in their lives, which always makes sense. Change is scary, hard, and not always fun. It changes are day-to-day life, who we are, our surroundings, etc. But most of the time it is for the good.

The reason this subject came up today, was because last night was walking our dogs with my wife. We started talking about what to give up for lent. We both had to think about it, and we suggested a change for the other. So, we decided and agreed on both. Today, we started are 40 day change program to cut out a portion of our life that we don’t need. These changes may seem really minor to the rest of the world, but for us it is huge.

Though the little changes in life help shape us to be better people. You can change an eating habit for forty days and boom, you’re whole diet has changed. You are healthier, more energy, nicer, etc. You change were you live, and you meet new people, see new sites, etc. You start to become more understanding and experience in the world.

No matter what you do in life, you always need to change in so way. Sometimes the change is for the bad and we need to watch for those bad pitfalls. Most the time change is for the good and will help you down the world.

Always changing is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Your Words

Words You Should Never Use

Your words are powerful, believe it or not. People read into everything you say, write, post, or even don’t say. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will kill someone. Think about all the times you said something you regretted or maybe something you said that didn’t realize the outcome.

Friendships, relationships, etc are destroyed by words alone. Words can be also your body language and how we express ourselves to who we are talking to. How we communicate as a society is not just our words, but with our movements, tone, eyes, and yes even our social media page.

Social media you ask? How can that be hurtful? Well, let’s go use an example of something that seem to always happen on Facebook. You get mad at a spouse, post it on Facebook how much you hate him or her. Now everyone knows all your dirty secrets and the next time people see you out with them, they wonder if they should like them or not. This is hurtful, cause the other involved who was slammed, is now being judge over and over again by what you said about them so publicly.Also your friends are confused if they should still like them or hate them.

The trick is just be nice, don’t use hateful words, curse words, etc. just talk it out. Yes you will disagree with people and you will voice your thoughts to them. Though, you can do this without talking down to them or being hateful. You don’t need to yell to get your point across. Impossible you think huh? Well, if you think then explain how my wife and I have never had a yelling match ever. True story. Yes, harsh discussions, but never yelling matches, degrading words, or mean arguments. It’s the rules of disagreeing. Never slam doors, never walk away mad, never let the sunset on a friend, never bring up the past, never use bad language, and never say words you would regret.

Remember your words show who you are and what you are really thinking if you are honest. People know when you are fake too and talk about things just to make someone happy. Express your thoughts and what you disagree on, but listen to their thoughts, be respect of them and they to you. If they can’t argue in the rules, then the best is to walk away and not let get pride in the way.

Stop being mean to each other world, just be nice and respectful. It’s a new world filled with so many different ways to reach out to each other. Just think before you speak, stop being so hateful, and stop the bad language. Also most importantly watch what you are saying on your Facebook page or twitter. It’s time to be nice in our updates, not hateful.

Watch your words in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Don’t Let it Bug You


Some mornings we wake up and it’s just not a good start. You know those mornings when your contact falls down the drain, don’t have a replacement, or you spill coffee all over yourself on the way to work. Just one of those mornings that you wish you could do over, right? We all had them and will have them from time to time. It isn’t about the bad morning, it’s how we respond to it.

We could look at the morning and not move on from it. We can make that bad morning are whole day. That’s sounds like a great excuse to be mean and hateful to others who have no idea what happen to you this morning.  Here’s the crossroad choice for you then, be mad and upset all day by making everyone wanting to avoid you or mad too. Or, you could place that morning behind you, be happy that the bad stuff happen this morning instead of taking it to work, school, family event, etc.

The thing is if you let it bug you all day, then yes your day will be bad. Though if you place it in the past and let it go, then your day has  a chance of being really good.  So what you have a big spot on your shirt, or you have to wear your glasses again. Just rock it, pretend like nothing is wrong even if your head is freaking out.. Calm it down, nothing you can do about it but just go with it, right? What you want to go get new contacts, but the order will take 3-4 days and the coffee stain, go home get changed and go to work that will make you an hour late?

It’s better just to go with and accept what you are dealt with for the day. Rock the fact that you have glasses on, the coffee stain in the most random spot. Just play it off, laugh at yourself and just go with the butterfingers approach. Besides, it could always be worse right? Just enjoying what you have going on for the day and don’t let the bad morning ruin it for you.

Shrugging off a bad morning is key in this Savage World, that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!!