Rub Some Dirt In It

Rub it in and Stand up

Wow, it’s been awhile since this old blogger has posted anything and to my readers and followers, I am sorry for the delay. Lets, say my 30th birthday month was well busy. Been everywhere from Boston to Cincinnati to back down to Lexington. The business and personal life has kept me slammed here and that is no excuse for being gone so long. So without further ado, let’s get this Wednesday started off right!

As some of may or may not know, recently I decided it was time to do something big in my life. After 30 years on this Earth, I never ran  a 5k. or more  As they say, go big or go home, well this blogger decided to go big! On October 21, 2012, this guy is running the Tough Mudder in Maysville, KY. Don’t know what the Tough Mudder is? It’s a 12 mile course filled with military grade obstacles. Maybe a little to harsh to start off on, but it needs to be done. This is not a race of any kind but a test of endurance, strength, and will for yourself. This brings me to my point today, rub some dirt it!

What? Rub dirt in it? Dirt in what? You ask. Well, here’s the thing is, I read a lot of times all over the place about this company coming out support a belief you don’t, or you’re tired and sore and don’t wanna do something cause it is too hard, or you just tired of the country you live in and hate this or that. Today, I am telling you to rub some dirt in, stand up, and get back on the horse. You don’t like a belief of a company, great don’t go there or don’t eat there, but don’t cry about it on your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc account. You are tired and sore, unless you have a medical condition, stop crying, posting on Facebook and other media outlets, truth is NO ONE CARES! So just cowboy up and get back on the weights, job , or whatever you are sore from. Finally the people who hate their country, you hate it so much the border is to the South, North, East, and West go there. But when you live this Freedom you know that cost a small price of rules and taxes is a lot easier than other places, the grass is always greener, so think on that the next you complain.

The trick to a good, easy, enjoyable life is to just let go of the negative. Yes, at times we get down on ourselves, we can get mad and need to blow of steam, that’s okay and healthy. Don’t think you need this 100% positive lifestyle, because you will get mad, sad, upset, etc. It’s how you let it affect your life and the others around you.For example, I post a Good Morning Facebook everyday, people love it or hate , but no matter how someone responds, this post affects them. Though, if they took the time to read it and go, “Hmm, it can be a good morning” and go about their day, then maybe it did it’s trick. So it’s either a good response or a bad response, and if the person thinks of it as a thing to post negative towards or message me in a negative manner about it, then maybe they should rethink their life. Don’t ever spread the hate and negative feelings, the rule goes back to “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Just manners and I think some of us lost that along the way. Sending positive vibes may sound corny, but it helps you and the world around you get along better.

If someone one seems to happy to be true, note they have issues like we all do, they just don’t like to share as much of the pain. This is a lesson in life we need to learn. Pain is temporary and should be seen as that. People who seem to be really happy know this and can master both the negative and positive in their lives to be okay.  Don’t let the world bring you down and don’t bring the rest of the world down with you. Focus on finding ways to make you happy and dumping the negative aspects out of your life. Stop crying about the grass is greener, cause chances are when you go over to that green grass it won’t look so green. The trick to have greener grass, is to work hard on your own yard to have it blossom into greener grass. Nothing comes easy, but with a lot of work and a positive attitude you will see the success.

Today, I want you readers to focus making yourself happy. Write a list of things you want to change over the course of the year and then work on it starting today. In a years time see what you can do. Share it with us, we would love to read about your success.

Rubbing dirt in your wounds and getting back up is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!



Break the Negative Circle

Follow Me Out of the Dark

In life it is easy to surround ourselves with negative things, people, and places. The tale misery loves company is very very true, and people who are sad want to bring you down with them. On the other end of the specturm, positive loves company too! True it’s easier to give into the pain and fall down the pit of misery and join the people down there.  The reason being is because more people are negative and ready to drag you under then those who are positive trying to pull you up. The question is who do you lean towards the cliffs of despair or the mountain of joy?

The other day I saw someone posting sad thoughts on Facebook about when will life get better and seeing all the response was shocking to me. People actually told this person that, “It may seem like it gets better only to be granted with more and more poo flung at you, cause life is one big giant poo storm.” This right here made me want to tell  that person to stop listening to them and allowing that negative person in their life. Then to that person who sent that response, I wanted to send him some kind words to not be a debbie downer.  Sad part, is you can’t these people to stop being negative, to stop listening to negative feedback,, and to stop sharing negative thoughts.

Today, I will tell all of you about the joys of positive attitudes as I always do. The negative people and feelings will always be there and it is easy to give into the demons of sadness, but you got to stay strong. The will to live keeps us going, the will to be strong keeps us alive, the will to be positive is the answer to one heck of a great life. Yes bad things will happen, but with a positive outlook you can find the silver lining and see how to work through the issue better. As a negative person when something bad happens it is blown out of the water and they are so blinded by negative thoughts that they just sink deeper and deeper without seeing things clearly. The negative person can’t think through the problems cause all they see is the pain, where as a positive person can take the step back and remove what happen and go through the steps one by one to figure out what to do to get through it.

In the end of the day, you can choose to listen to the group of negative people or join the few who are climbing and not listening to the nay sayers. It will seem hard to get rid of the people who are always down, see no light, and want to bring you down with them, but once you are free you will see the world in a different light. My advice is drop the negative in your life, that means all the drama on Facebook you need to close, all the drama at work you need move on from, and all the drama with friends you need to end. Step into the light and out of the darkest to see the beautiful world.

Leaving the darkness is key in this savage world; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!!


Climbing Up a Waterfall

Climb it!!

In life the easiest way seems to be the best way. Why would people want to struggle when they can just coast through life. Seems like a good idea right? Wrong, coasting along down the river is not the way to go. Today we are going to talk about how to climb to the waterfall, instead of getting caught in the current and falling down the waterfall.

Trick in life is doing something that will scare you everyday. People can get comfy in life and just do what they are told. They don’t want to branch out and take that risk. People are scared that they may fail at something and they won’t be good at it. The question is, how do you know before you try? Why is failing so scary and bad? What you will find out you’re not perfect like the rest of the world, is that so bad?

Here’s the trick, go to a waterfall and start climbing up it. See how many people fall off the waterfall by just going with the current. You will notice more people falling from taking the easy way out, then the people climbing up the waterfall with you. Yes, you will slip and may fall all the way down only to start over again or you may slip a little only to get closer to the top.

Almost six years ago, I was finishing college and ready to take on the world. I had zero idea what I wanted to do or where I was going to find a job. Then the fateful call came in asking me to work with my family down in Lexington, KY and become a business partner. Seriously at the time, I was like its money and a chance for some experience. What was I thinking? Is what I ask at least once a quarter and then it happens, the one big client I needed comes in and all is right in my world again.

See the thing is, I slipped so many times from climbing this waterfall. While all my friends went down the river with the current. They had their comfy jobs with big name companies and were happy in their new house or apartment. I was struggling to get the company money in to get a pay check. At times it was down right scary, but I stuck with it and continue my climb up the fall and you know what, I am not where I need to be there, but I can see the summit is getting closer every month. You can truly do it too! Just try it and who cares if you fail?

What’s different from taking the hard way up then the easy way down, is you control it. My life is one-hundred percent mind and no one can take that from me.  I am not saying that everyone should start their own business, I am saying don’t follow the current downstream. You will hit the water fall and as I am going up you will fall down in time.  There are many different ways to climb up the fall and it’s not all about running your own business. You can decide you want to lose weight, hike more, see the world, see every baseball stadium, etc. Something different to make you happy, that’s what you need to do.

Today, you maybe saying I want a better job and more pay. Well, what can you do about it? You may need a higher degree, well go out and get it! Yes, it will cost money and yes it is scary, but if you believe in yourself and it then you can do anything.

So today folks, I want you to grab a rope and start climbing your waterfall. Don’t fear the water pounding on you or slipping down the rocks. Just do it, take that leap of faith and start climbing to the top. What you find on the summit is for you alone to enjoy.

Climbing your waterfall in life is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Never Take for Granted

Don't Burn Out Yet

This past weekend was a little rough for myself and a few other people. We lost a true friend to a long time battle with brain cancer. A positive fire was extinguished last Thursday afternoon and the aftermath hasn’t been the easiest to deal with. Today, I don’t want to reflect on the pain of losing a friend, but embracing life to the fullest they way he would have wanted it. Live like you were dying as a way of looking at it.

In life, we only have one shot at living the best way we can. Bad things will happen, good things will happen, etc. You will experience extreme heartbreak to extreme joy. The trick is not letting the heartbreak drag you under into the depths of despair. Allow the beauty of life to take over you and lift you high above to the world.

Things can always be worse is the saying, and sadly that is true. Though on the flip side, things can always be better. Instead of focusing on what can make it worse, think of what could be better and work towards it. Don’t waste your life sad, depressed, and upset with what you don’t have and the troubles you have. Just stand up, breathe, and take on the world in the positive light.

Your worst enemy is yourself and no one else. Time to stand up and face your enemy in the mirror, tell them you are no longer going to dwell on the pain, but instead you are going to stand up and live the life you were meant to lead. This weekend showed me that. Our time is so short on this realm and we can’t just sit around waiting for the end to come anymore. We need to live this life to the fullest and take those risk, chances, etc.

Today, I want you all to stop being down. Try reaching out to an old friend just to say, hi and I miss you. Try reconnecting with friends before it becomes two years since you last saw them and then they are gone. Don’t let pity differences hold you back, reach out and tell em you care even if they don’t care back. Just let them know that no matter what you are there. Believe me in time you will want to have that friendship back. Life is too short to stay mad.

With that, I wish my friend a great trip to where he is going and know that he is truly missed. The suffering is over now and now he can finally be at peace. To the friend who was like the only one who would read these and always have something to say about them, even if I didn’t want to hear it. To the one who wrote Bostilliawuky with me one new years. And to the friend who always supported me and my crazy ideas.  You were an amazing friend and I will see you soon, just not to soon.

Never taking this life for granted is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own.

Life in the Fast Lane

Mind Bender

You ever find yourself in life just zooming from one point to the next? Not knowing where the stop sign is and if someone isn’t moving at your pace you just zoom right pass them on the right or left?  Why is that we don’t slow down anymore to enjoy the morning sunrise? Why are you in such a rush that you cut off the people who aren’t important to you or not going at your speed?

Life in the fast lane sounds amazing, fun, quick, and what everyone wants it, right? Well not everyone wants to 100 miles per hour in the 45 speed limit. Some people are happy with the life they have, enjoying the sunrise and set everyday. Instead of cutting people off and leaving them behind in their dust. Now-a-days this is a rare thing, to enjoy it and not speed through life.

What happens when you reach the end of the road of life that you sped through? Do you look back and see all the things you had for a spit second before moving onto something new and shinier? Was the fast way the way to go? All the friends and family members you left in the dust were they worth leaving behind?

The thing is if you are moving so fast in life that you forget the little things then you are missing out. It’s time that we slow down a little everyone, just relax we all will reach where we need to be at time. Leaving friends and family behind on the fast way to success isn’t going to help your cause. In the end when arrive at the final destination, would you rather have people who cared and loved you or would you rather have that pile of success waiting?

Trick is you can have both if your smart. Do things with the ones who reach out to you and let them know you care. Slow down a little and maybe move out of the fast lane. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and moments on the road. Then when you reach your destination you can have it all, success and everyone who ever cared for you.

Slowing down and enjoying this life is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!