Busy is Good, Saying Your Busy is Horrible

NOT NOW I AM SOOOOO BUSY!!!!!……(watches the newest youtube craze)

You ever have those friends or people in your life that when ever you ask them how they are doing, they reply with, “Busy!” That’s it, no I am fine thanks for asking, or not really well, just I am busy. Yes this is one of my giant pet peeve because they show a few things, like they aren’t really listening to the question and they don’t care enough to give you an honest response. Being busy is what you are doing, not how you are doing and today, let us talk about it.

This subject has been discussed on here not to long ago and today I want to really stress the damage it can cause. To start things off it when you respond to a how are you questions, with something like busy, not now, etc. you come off like you don’t care. Though you may not see it, but people don’t like being told that someone else is busy when they are reaching out for a conversation. In fact to say Good is shorter then saying I am busy. This really showcase that you don’t care about the person to give them a nice response. Esp in today’s world with texting, facebook, cellphones, it’s easy to reply nicely with I am doing great, but can’t talk now, can we talk later? Instead of BUSY! Really, if you were so busy why did you pick up the phone, read the text, and then reply. Clearly you aren’t that busy.

This brings me to another point today and that is being honest. Facebook can showcase your lies very quickly and easily. You tell a friend you can’t hang out with them one day on the weekend because you are busy with work or family things and then you are tagged by another friend or yourself out with them in something completely different then what you said. Why lie and not say hey, I have plans with other people, isn’t that more understandable? The thing is, you just need to be honest with people, if you don’t want them around or don’t want to talk just tell em, yea it’s mean, but it’s easier then dragging out their friendship hopes, right?

In today’s world people love to sound busy, it makes us feel important. The problem is it really makes you sound like your poo doesn’t stink. Yes, you can say you are busy when people ask you about your job or how is the home life keeping you. But going around with that being your first answer to everything is well damaging.  In life you need to listen to the question before you answer it, don’t respond with just busy all the time. You say it enough, you will soon lose those people you say it too.  Which in the end if you didn’t care about in the first place that’s okay right? Maybe not, because maybe they shouldn’t have been let go.

Today, I ask that you stop responding with the term BUSY all the time. Respond nicely and be honest with the person. Don’t lie about what you are doing, cause Facebook will post you, because you or your drunk friend will post that you’re at Pete’s bar at 1:00 PM, even though you couldn’t go out tonight with the other group of friends because you had to stay home with your friend’s baby all night and day. Just be honest, respond to the right question and stop acting so busy, cause the moment you respond that on text, the moment we all know you just lied.

Being respectful is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Beautiful Morning

This morning I woke up a little tired, but with this great sense of joy.  Usually in the morning I wake up pretty happy, but today, there was just this special feeling in the air. After getting ready and almost out the door, there was the one need to walk the pups before leaving for the office. Midnight and Pesky do this on a daily routine and it’s one of the most interesting moments of the day, the dogs can either be all crazy and hard to walk, or just walking at a nice pace enjoying the morning. Today was the nice pace for the dogs and really it was one of those mornings where it just feels like everything is coming together.

What’s the point of that little story you ask? What was the point of Monday’s post? Well, it’s time to go into why we had Monday’s post and today’s little story. Lets start off with Monday and how to start the week off right. This Monday, we spoke about how important it is to have a great start to the week and to be positive. Here’s example number of the post, Monday here was pretty amazing, everyone was really positive at the office and amazing things started to be put in play. Tuesday came along piggybacking of Monday and brought in some major key items, that lead to Wednesday, which is now a very important day this week for us. This all started because Monday, was kicked started with the positive energy of all the people in the office.

Now the story of the beautiful day and everything clicking in the morning. Reason for the story is to continue to focus on the good throughout the week and everyday. Why wake up grumpy and mad at the world, when you can wake up happy? Life is to short to focus on bad thoughts of the day before, it’s in the past now and we are in the present to move forward in life.

Every morning try to find some kind of beauty, push through the negative filters of the social media and physical world. Things aren’t that bad and can always be worse. You’re life is what you make it, so if you get out a bed every morning with a big giant grin on your face, your life will be even better.

Finding the beauty every morning is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

The Right Way To Say No

Creative way to say no

In life we have all been told, “No!” before and we have all told someone no in return. Now saying no is a hard thing to do for a lot of people, either they don’t want to say it to hurt the other person feelings or they say it without caring about the other person feelings and it hurts. How do we say no to someone or something without hurting them and letting ourselves be free of that topic.

For starters saying no is not easy. Running a business I hear the word no a lot, rejection is what you have to get use to in business. Picture that every day at least five people are going to tell you no and still continue to push through it. Because that yes makes everything worth wild. The point is, the word no is hard to deal with and you hear it so many times in a day, that it can be discouraging, I get that. Usually when someone tells you no, it’s not nice, anyway they put it, because you or your idea was rejected.

Some feel that the easiest way to say no, is to just ignore the person or business.  If you ignore the issue then it will go away and never call back right? Wrong, this leaves the person on the other end confused, worried, concern, and unhappy that you just ignore them for whatever reason. This right here can burn many bridges, that you may not want to burn.

Another bad way to say no, is to be a jerk about it. You know the type of person who tells you no, but then slams you down for how you came up with the idea. For example a boy who isn’t cool ask the hottest girl out in school, she turns around and goes, “EWWW Gross, I don’t want anything to do with you ugly!!!” or the business man who turns the salesman like this, ” You know bud, I don’t like your product, it looks like you rushed it together, looks like crap, and honestly I can do something better here, and if you did it this way it would actually sell.” Both of these response are bridge burners.

The thing is to the women who rejected “the uncool kid.” You hurt him pretty bad probably and help kill his confidence. Honestly if you turned him down the nice way, like, “Hey guy, you’re a really good person and I like you as a friend, but just don’t want to hurt the friendship or whatever.” That’s the nice small easy way of saying no. To the business man who needs to turn down someone just say, “Honestly person, I am just not interested at the moment, though it’s a very interesting idea or product, we just don’t have the time or funds to invest it right now, but thank you for reaching out to us.”

The idea is to say no nicely, cause you will have to say it. Ignoring it is a downfall and will bring trouble, yelling at someone or making them feel less than you is another wrong way. Just be nice when you say no, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. It’s hard to say no for most of us in the best way possible and usually there isn’t an easy way. When rejection is in the air, it will cause issues. Be gentle when you have to say no and not rude.

Saying no the right way is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

The Myth of An Ego Too Big

You Know It!

If you know me in person then you would know that I do have a pretty big ego at times. Most of my friends, love to try to deflate it or pop that giant head swelling I get at times. Now with that being said, yes I have an ego, but I am always 100% humble to everyone. That’s the difference between having an ego and being a jerk. The myth of ego, cocky, etc. is blown out of the water, due to professional sport players, the high school jock and cheerleader, etc. These names bring out the stereotypical ego and not the good in an ego.

My point today is to try to show you all that having an ego isn’t bad. Why do I have an ego? Well easy, when I was younger I was the kid with braces, small, big giant glasses, and not the best hair. Plus two older brothers who wouldn’t always say the nicest things on how I dressed or what I did, not to their fault they were older brothers it’s what they do.

Anyways, so I had a choice at the young ages, to either embrace who I am or let the outside world win and beat me down.  My choice was to embrace who I was and love it! This kind of went with me through my whole life, when people told me I was too small to play football, I answered back to play Defensive Line and did pretty well. When I was told that I would never be good at sales, well I picked up the microphone at an amusement park to break records in the games department (still feel I was the best). When people said I couldn’t run my own business and was stupid to try it, well been doing it for six years and it’s going pretty well.

The point is my ego is a friend, it help me get through the tough times when the rest of the world would slam me down. Everyday I look in the mirror with pride of who I am and what I become. If people see it as an ego, then they should because darn it, I am sexy and I know it!

When you have this air of confidence aka ego, people notice and do come to you. This is an important thing to have in life to be successful. But you have to stay humble, you are never better than anyone else, remember that. Just don’t let the world try to bring you down. You are sexy and you should know it! Stand up, look yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself of all the good that you have done!

Once you have that ego and you continue to use it, you will see how much better you will be. Don’t be rude to people and act that their thoughts don’t matter, cause you don’t want the same to you. Be proud of you are but humble also. You will go far with that attitude, trust me on it!

Having an ego is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Your Words

Words You Should Never Use

Your words are powerful, believe it or not. People read into everything you say, write, post, or even don’t say. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will kill someone. Think about all the times you said something you regretted or maybe something you said that didn’t realize the outcome.

Friendships, relationships, etc are destroyed by words alone. Words can be also your body language and how we express ourselves to who we are talking to. How we communicate as a society is not just our words, but with our movements, tone, eyes, and yes even our social media page.

Social media you ask? How can that be hurtful? Well, let’s go use an example of something that seem to always happen on Facebook. You get mad at a spouse, post it on Facebook how much you hate him or her. Now everyone knows all your dirty secrets and the next time people see you out with them, they wonder if they should like them or not. This is hurtful, cause the other involved who was slammed, is now being judge over and over again by what you said about them so publicly.Also your friends are confused if they should still like them or hate them.

The trick is just be nice, don’t use hateful words, curse words, etc. just talk it out. Yes you will disagree with people and you will voice your thoughts to them. Though, you can do this without talking down to them or being hateful. You don’t need to yell to get your point across. Impossible you think huh? Well, if you think then explain how my wife and I have never had a yelling match ever. True story. Yes, harsh discussions, but never yelling matches, degrading words, or mean arguments. It’s the rules of disagreeing. Never slam doors, never walk away mad, never let the sunset on a friend, never bring up the past, never use bad language, and never say words you would regret.

Remember your words show who you are and what you are really thinking if you are honest. People know when you are fake too and talk about things just to make someone happy. Express your thoughts and what you disagree on, but listen to their thoughts, be respect of them and they to you. If they can’t argue in the rules, then the best is to walk away and not let get pride in the way.

Stop being mean to each other world, just be nice and respectful. It’s a new world filled with so many different ways to reach out to each other. Just think before you speak, stop being so hateful, and stop the bad language. Also most importantly watch what you are saying on your Facebook page or twitter. It’s time to be nice in our updates, not hateful.

Watch your words in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!