All About the Sun Today

Opening up!

Truth be told, I really want some rain here in Lexington and the past two days it just looked like was going to open at any minute and sadly it never did. Today is a different story, the sun is high in the sky this morning beaming down and not holding back.  Today just feels right, like the past few days the sun was fighting to come out, but the clouds were blocking its view.

Lets talk about the sun versus the clouds today and how it goes with your everyday life. Think of it this way, the sun is bright, makes you happy, and wants you to be out in it. The clouds and rain, want you to hide inside, can bring you down, and just can get you into a bad mood. Like the sun, when you are down, your brightness tries to break out of your depressing clouds. May not seem like it at times, but your sun is wanting to shine every moment it can

Clouds in your head are the fog that runs in during the morning, you really don’t know where it came from or why it’s there. All you want to truly do is get out of the funk the clouds put you in, so you can have a good day. Trick is you have to fight through the clouds with your sun, allow it to break free. Clear your mind of the troubles you have, or work through the issues so you can break free from it all.  Some days you have to work through the issues, other days you just need to  get the sun to come out a little bit more than usual. Once it’s out though, the world does seem brighter.

Not letting the clouds win is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!


Beautiful Day

Embrace the new day!!

What a beautiful day it is today and how great it can be, no matter where you are in the world. What? You say it looks gloomy and sad out? Are we not seeing the same thing? Probably not even if we were in the same town, I could see a beautiful sunny day and you can see a hot muggy ugly day.  It’s all the perception that we have as we go throughout our days.  It’s like the glass half full or half empty, how you see it is how you see the world around you. Today’s lets talk about this and the world we know.

Yes, I know this positive stuff gets annoying to some people and it’s sounds like a lot of work.  It’s easier to be down and sad, you can curl up into a little ball, cry, and think the world is ugly and gray. Today though that needs to end and you need to get out from under your ball and face the world to see that it is not as ugly as you make it. The world is how you mold it, yes there are bad factors in the world that can and will bring you down, but that is not your life. When bad things we have to do the right things that need to be done to fix it or grief over it.

Trick is in life is that when bad things happen, you need to get out of the hole you are in.  People will be mean to you, the sky may look to fall on top of you, and all seems wrong. This doesn’t mean the day is ugly or the world is ugly, instead it just means things are going the right way.  This will happen from time to time, but focusing on how to make it better and just know that the day is always beautiful will make it easier in the long run.

To touch on the earlier aspect of people annoyed with positive people, because it’s well probably annoying to a negative person or it just seems hard. If being positive is an annoying thing to be, then sorry rest of the world, positive attitudes make the biggest difference in our society. If you think it is too hard to be positive, then I want you to think of a world where you aren’t crying, yelling, fighting, etc all the time. Now image that not a factor in your life that much, picture just being happy and not fighting or crying every day. Sounds a little easier now right? Just makes the day a little bit more beautiful.

I know sometimes it seems like there is no help and you are stuck at the bottom of the well.  When then happens what you need to do is stand up, get motivated to find the way out, get out and do what you need to do. Once you are free from what ever is keeping you down in the dark well, then you will be free and able to enjoy the sun and beautiful days around you!

Enjoying the beautiful days is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Laughing at your Mistakes

Just Laugh

Mistakes, we all make them, in fact you probably already made at least five today if not more.  Lets face it, no matter who you are and what you do, you will make a mistake from giant mistakes to tiny mistakes. No matter what it is, you can make it through, nothing is super bad that it will end your life.

Today’s lets talk about mistakes and how to handle them. With the little mistakes, like forgetting your laptop at home when you need it for work. Then you remember right when you pull in and need to go back to get it. Stuff like that, be honest and laugh at that mistake. Don’t get mad at yourself or at someone for forgetting it, stuff like that happens. Just buck up, drive back home, get the lap top and come back. That easy, trust me, getting mad does nothing but make your day worse.

Now there are some mistakes that are hard to handle. You mess up major thing at your job or you have a friend that you really hurt by doing something stupid. Here’s the best advice, admit to your mistake, say you are sorry, and do what you can to make it right. Don’t hide the mistake and pretend like it didn’t happen. Hiding it only causes lies, which lead to confusion, which leads to hate from the other party.

In the end, owning your mistakes is what you need to do. At the little ones, just laugh them off. Who cares if you get caught locked outside your house in your undies, it happens, no harm no foul. If you make a giant mistake in life, it’s okay, not the end of the world, just fess up and make it right.

Laughing at your mistakes is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!

Around the River Bend

What's Waiting For You

Just around the river bend, you never truly know what is going to be waiting for you. It could be a beautiful, calm river just waiting to smoothly glide you down the river. There also could be a down tree or deadly rapids waiting to block you or drag you under.

The question is not what is waiting for you,  but how you handle it. If you come across a down tree in your path. Do you sit and wait for it to be washed away by the river, or do you stand up, pick up the boat over your head, and climb over the down tree?

If the rapids are there to throw you around, do you sit there and let them toss you back and forth until you go under? Or do you put your paddle in the water and fight the rapids to make it to the end?

Finally, if you hit the river bend and you see the sun, smooth waters, and nothing but a nice view ahead of you. Do you paddle through it, enjoying every moment you have on this part of the river? Or do you look for the dangers, fallen trees, rapids?

No matter what is around the river bend, you will always face one of these challenges. Only you know how to face them. If you are faced with the down tree and rapids, fight them and overcome them. They are a temporary danger on your journey that can be conquered, you just need to do it. It’s okay, to be scared, but stand up and fight for yourself no matter what is around the bend, you can face it. If you have the beautiful calm river, relax, glide down it and enjoy it for everything it is worth.

Facing the challenge of the river bend is key in this Savage World; that you are no longer just living in, but beginning to own!